Course schedule for 2024 spring semester

Irish Literature
This course brings together significant masterpieces of various Irish authors, such as Yeats, Joyce, Synge, Beckett, and more. It covers a rich and interesting texts, extending to the exploration of films, television, and artistic works related to Irish literature. With Professor Liang’s guidance in deep reflection and discussion, students can gain a profound understanding of the uniqueness of Irish literature and an appreciation for the culture of Ireland.

Cultural Diffusion of European Beverages
In this course, students will embark on a journey through the rich cultural history of European beverages over the past century. From various types of teas to chocolates and flavorful wines, this class explores beverages with significant historical, cultural, political, and religious implications. It will also extend discussions to Taiwan’s current beverage situation.

Italian Culture and Tourism
As a cultural power with a long history, Italy has great artistic value and historical status . In this course, Professor Dinu Luca will focus on various cities in Italy and explore the history of architecture, painting, sculpture, etc. The in-depth research and discussion are conducted based on their local characteristics. Students who like Italian culture must not miss this course!

Cultural Tourism Management
Cultural tourism is the fastest-growing direction in the tourism industry. The theories in this field, though complex, will become a great tool for students to plan cultural management, policy marketing, and business organization. In this course, successful cases in Europe will also be reviewed and analyzed to help students more easily understand the problems and solutions encountered in cultural tourism management.

European Speculative Literature (Program)
Professor Sun-Jie Liang will lead students from mysterious and fantasy vampires, werewolves, spirits, and ghosts to technologically cyberpunk and artificial intelligence. Traveling between real and imaginary literary worlds, we use contemporary theories such as feminism, gender studies, postmodernism, ecocriticism, globalization, and posthumanism to respond to the problems and questions encountered by human beings.

Reading European Art Masterpieces (Program)
This course is led by Professor Chia-Ling Lai. Throughout the course, the professor will guide students to become more familiar with the most significant artistic trends, schools, and figures in European art. Additionally, the teacher will analyze and explain works of considerable achievement or influence in European art history, aiding students to appreciate and understand their importance and influence.

French/Spanish IV (Program)
This course is open to students with an A1 level in Spanish or French.

Spanish/French/German II (Program):
These are basic European language courses. The first phase is limited to program students, and the second phase is open to all students in the school.

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