Master Thesis

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Name Title Advisor

2007 (year of enrollment)

Fu-Mei Liu Transformation of Terroir : A Case Study of Burgundy in France Prof. Chun-Chia Chang
Yen-Hsin Ke Wine culture reflected in French proverbs La culture du vin à lumière des proverbes français Prof. Da-Huan Chou
Yi Li The Arts and Crafts Development of Britain in the Early Twentieth Century –The Formation of Modern Design Prof. Da-Huan Chou
Chin-Yu Chen The Construction and Performance of Heritage Tourism Signs/Sites in Battle, England Prof. Hsiu-Yen Yeh
Yu-Ling Li A Study of the European Cruise Experience of Taiwanese Tourists Prof. Yi-De Liu
Tzu-Han Ni “Cultural Landscape” of Germany—Analyzing 13 Directors’ Narration in the Movie “Deutschland 09” Prof. Hsueh-i Chen

2008 (year of enrollment)

Hsiang-Pin Lin Tourism and Modernity: Taiwanese Volunteers’ Travelling Experiences in Europe Prof. Hsiu-Yen Yeh
Wen-Chun Shen Pop Music Festivals in Europe–A Phenomenological Study of Tourist Experience Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yo-hsin Yang Gender and Tourism: Cultural Imagination and Body Performance of Taiwanese Gay Touristic Experiences in Europe Prof. Hsiu-Yen Yeh
Ya-Hui Huang Destination Image of Literary Places:A Case Study of Stratford-upon-Avon, UK Prof. Yi-De Liu
Hung-Lin Liu Cultural Images and European Identity in the European Capital of Culture : The Cases of Glasgow and Liverpool Prof. Chun-Yu Liu
Chiao-Yu Hsu A study of tourist experience in Venetian Carnival Prof. Yi-De Liu
Ju-kuan Hwang Factors and Typologies of Cultural Tourism Development: Case Studies of Dutch Cities Prof. Yi-De Liu
Chun-Hui Sung Interpreting the Concept of European Travel from Late 16th Century to Early 17th Century from the Viewpoint of “Civitates Orbis Terrarum” Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Wei-Wei Wu Between Peter Pan and Adonis: The Male Images in European Menswear, 2000s-2010s Prof. Chun-Yen Chen
Te-En Luo Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona and Film Tourism Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yi-Ru Jiang Tourism and Emotions: Taiwanese CouchSurfers’ European Experiences Prof. Hsiu-Yen Yeh

2009 (year of enrollment)

Chia-Pei Huang Paris.Representation–The Second Gaze and Photographic Practice of Taiwanese Re-travelers Prof. Su-Hsin Lee
Yu-Lun Hsu French Cultural Heritage in Change: a case study of Joana Vasconcelos Versailles at the Château de Versailles Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Kai-Ting Chang Exploring Tourist Winery Experience in Loire Valley, France – A Case Study of Ackerman Prof. Yi-De Liu
Wei Hsu Guidebooks in Taiwan: a Case Study on Paris Prof. Dinu Luca
Ting-Yu Chen Cycling Tourism as Alternative Tourism: On the Practice of Taiwanese Cycling Travel in Europe Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Shih-Yun Tsai Wine Tourism in Burgundy – Example of Beaune Prof. Da-Huan Chou

2010 (year of enrollment)

Ya-Chiao Tu Creativity and Tourism: The Experience of Barcelona Prof. Yi-De Liu
Nai-Yu Chen The Shaping and Implications of Museum Experiences: A Multiple Case Study of Heritage Museums in Liverpool Prof. Yi-De Liu
Wen-Hsin Li The Deformation and Implication of Authenticity in Tourism : A Case Study of German Historic City- Hameln Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yen-Ling Lo Harry Potter’s Film Tourism-The Fantasy Gaze of Taiwanese Tourists Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Hsin-Yeh Wu Pâtisserie Tourism in Paris: On the Practices of Taiwanese Tourists Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Szu-Yu Wang Reconstruction and Development of Cultural Heritage from Bauhaus Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Cian-Ni Lai Contexualizing the Image – Formation of the Musical City Vienna – from the Perspective of Tradition and History of Music Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Ya-Hsin Lo The Popularisation of Classical Music: A Case Study of BBC Proms Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Jyun-Ru Hung Comparing Involvement and Experience of the “Self” Between Coser and Individual Tourist Prof. Hsueh-i Chen

2011 (year of enrollment)

Chia-Hui Chiang The Mobility of Cultural Capital: on Centre Pompidou Mobile’s Practice in Democratization of Culture Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Ann-Ting Su Management of Creative Quarters in England: The Cases of Jewellery Quarter and the Bluecoat Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yi-Jun Liu Rock Music Tourism: Rock Werchter Festival and Participants’ Performance Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Wei-Chi Dai Analysis of Travel Information as Documented in French Tourist Guidebooks: A Case Study of Paris (1855-1870) Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Han-Chun Chia Study on Taiwanese Music Study Tour To Europe: Experiences of WACH Conservatory of Music’s Summer Camp as Example Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
I-Chen Hsu Creativity and the Sustainable Development of Industrial Heritage: A Multiple Case Study of Ironbridge Gorge in The UK and Zeche Zollverein in Germany Prof. Yi-De Liu
Kai-Yun Lo The Vampire as A Flâneur: Redefing Post-Tourist Gaze in Interview with the Vampire Prof. Shou-Cheng Lai
Si-Yun Huang Heritage Representation, Interpretation and Tourism: A Case Study of Berlin Prof. Yi-De Liu

2012 (year of enrollment)

Hsin-Hua He Cultural Regeneration and Social Impacts of Industrial Heritage Transformation: The case of Westergasfabriek Cultural Park, Netherland Prof. Yi-De Liu
Jin-Jin Lee The Comparison of Historical Interpretation and Image Shaping of Dark Tourism Sites: KZ-Gedenkstätte Dachau, Gedenkstätte und Museum Sachsenhausen and Państwowe Muzeum Auschwitz-Birkenau as study cases. Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Chi-Luen Chiou The Study on the Behaviour Analysis and its Influence on the Cross-Culture Adjustment- The Example of Youth Mobility Scheme Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Ting-Yi Lu The Development of Historical Sites of Tea Tourism in the UK Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Pin-Yuan Chen Construction Attractiveness for Cultural Heritage: The Case Study of Château de Blois and Puy du Fou in the Loire Valley Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yun-Ko Shen Research of Cultural Tourist Typology and Travel Behavior: The Case of Avignon Festival, France Prof. Yi-De Liu
Wei Cheng Brick Lane as Creative Tourism –an Analysis on the Practice of Taiwanese Tourists Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Wei Lin Alternative British Pub Tourism: An Analysis of CAMRA’s Guidebooks Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Pei-Wen Chiu Football Heritage as A New Creative Genre of Sports Tourism: A Case Study of Liverpool Football Club (LFC) Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Yi-Jia Wang Cultural Event and Cultural Tourism Development: The Case Study of Lille as the 2004 European Capital of Culture Lille Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yu-Chieh Yang International Devices in the Work of Pedro Almodóvar’s:An Integrated View Prof. Dinu Luca
Ke-Hsuan Liao The cultural expectation of couchsurfing host – A case study of Taiwanese hosts accommodating European couchsurfers Prof. Hsueh-i Chen

2013 (year of enrollment)

Xin-Jie Tong An Exploration of Jewish Museum Berlin from Perspectives of Dark Tourism and Museum’s Practices Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Yun-Ping Chen Tourism Development in Post-Industrial Cities: The Case of the Ruhr Region, Germany Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yu-Nung Chen Cultural Governmentality and Ethnic Diversity: A Case Study of Musée du Quai Branly Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Mei-Chu Chao Event and Cultural Regeneration: The Case of Marseille as the 2013 ECOC Prof. Yi-De Liu
Huai-Chun Yin The Man Lingers: Revisiting Nazi Party Rally as the Practice, Representation and Heritage of the “Führer-Mythos” Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Ching-Ling Yang German Foreign Cultural Policy and its Practices in Taiwan – take Goethe Institut Taipei as the example Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yi-Ning Lo Sherlock Holmes Film and Televisual Tourism: an Analysis of the Cultural Creative Performances and Tourist Practices Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Chien-Lun Chiu Prosumption and Resistance of the AFOLs’ Creativity Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Yi-Syuan Wu Socio-cultural Impact for Festival: A Case Study of Lyon Festival of Lights Prof. Yi-De Liu
Jiang-Ning Chang The Historical Development of Latin and the Spells in the Harry Potter Series Prof. Shou-Cheng Lai
Liou Shang Shiu The Cultural Roles of Beer in German Folk Music Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Ting-Hsuan Lin A Study on the European Cultural Imagination and Motivations of Taiwanese Tourists Prof. Hsueh-i Chen

2014(year of enrollment)

Yu Liang Cultural Flagship and Urban Regeneration: A Case Study of Titanic Belfast Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yan-Ling Lai Representation of Intangible Cultural Heritage – A Case Study of Beatles Tourism in Liverpool Prof. Yi-De Liu
Ya-Han Chang The New Wave in François Truffaut’s and Edward Yang’s Cinematic Contexts Prof. Dinu Luca
Chang Chih Han Anne Frank House : An Analysis of the Form of Cultural Tourism Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Yen-Hsin Chen Historical Sites Development of European Cultures in Nagasaki Dejima Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Li-Hsin Lee Influences of the Second-hand Market as a Festival Event: La Braderie de Lille Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Yu-Chen Li From Runway to Museum : on Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty in Victoria and Albert Museum Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Yi-Mei Ho Leisure? Education? World Heritage Volunteers in Weimar Prof. Yi-De Liu
Sang-Hsiang Chien Witch and Other Legend Stories of the Harz Mountains and Their Influences on Local Tourism Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Ning-Jie Hsu Incorporating Virtual Museum in Promoting Art Education of Children: The Case Study of Tate Kids Prof. Chia-Ling Lai

2015(year of enrollment)

Yuan-Heng Feng Cristiano Ronaldo As a Brand : The Formation of a Celebrity, CR7 Branding and New Masculinity Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Ai-Wei Hsu Representation of Shakespeare’s Women in Pre-Raphaelite Art Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Yu-Ting Huang The Alternative Practice of Creativity – The Case Study of Domiane de Boisbuchet Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Jia-Yi Zhuang Bregenz Festival and Art Tourism:On The Cultural Consumption and Practice of Taiwanese Tourists Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Yi-Ting Tsai The Development of Culture Regeneration in Bilbao Prof. Yi-De Liu
Peng-Yu Ho Event-led Cultural Tourism Development:A Case Study of Nantes Prof. Yi-De Liu
Pei-Yu Lee A study of Paris’ Pere Lachaise Cemetery as a Tourist Attraction Prof. Shou-Cheng Lai
Tzu-Wen Lin The Creative Art of WWI Centenary: A Case Study of Poppies Wave Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Pi-Ching Chuang “Home” Experience in Creative Tourism: Case Studies of Taiwanese at European Airbnb Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Jing-Yi Liou The Impact of Salzburg Festival on Local Development Prof. Hsueh-i Chen

2016(year of enrollment)

Ching-Chia Chen Dutch Cheese Culture and History: A Case Study of Alkmaar Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Yi-Chia Tsai The Combination of Transcultural Identity, Autobiography, and Graphic Novel-A Case Study of L’ Arbe du Futur Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Shih-Chuan Lo Place Making of Gayborhood in Amsterdam and Alternative Creative Tourism Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Hsin-Yu Chang Paris Fashion Week as a Branding Event: Analysing Fashion Shows Performance Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Chih-Ying Lee “Nobody Thinks in Terms of Human Beings”: Ethics in British Film Noir Prof. Dinu Luca
Yi-Ting Wang Destination Branding Strategy and Images of Alsace Prof. Yi-De Liu

2017(year of enrollment)

Chi-Fu Chang Comic Tourism in Brussels: Practice of Creativity of Comic Walls as Tourist Sites and Experiencing City Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Li-Ting Wu Flagship project and culture-led regeneration: A Case Study of Bordeaux, la Cité du vin Prof. Yi-De Liu
Hsin-Su Chen Heritage Representation of Berlin Wall and Travel Experiences:East Side Gallery, Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall Memorial as Study Cases Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Yu-Han Chen Art Tourism of Sagrada Familia Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Wan-Tung Chung The Destination Making of Sex Tourism and Creative City Regeneration in De Wallen Red Light District Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Chung-Yen LU Development and Representation of World Cultural Heritage in Andalusia: A Case Study of Alhambra Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Zi-Ting Huang The Tribulations of David Lurie: Kierkegaardian Despair in Coetzee’s Disgrace Prof. Dinu Luca
Si-Ching Wang Two Faces of the Modern: The Poster Art of Jules Chéret and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Prof. Dinu Luca

2018(year of enrollment)

Nai-Li Wang Art Tourism in Monet’s Garden: An Analysis of Destination-Making and Tourist Practices Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Hsiao-Ching Huang A Study on the Literary Techniques and the Images of Barcelona in the Shadow of the Wind Prof. Mario Santander Oliván
Yin-Si Kuo The Management of UNESCO World Heritage: Case Study of Le Havre
La Gestion du Patrimoine Mondial de l’UNESCO: Le Cas du Havre
Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yu-Hsuan Chang Contextualizing the “Town and Gown” Image of the University Town Louvain-la-Neuve Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Tan Haw Tee
Analyzing the Space Strolling and Time Travel in Midnight in Paris by Using the Flâneur Theory Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Yen-Ni Kao Decolonizing the Museum: A Case Study of the Rijksmuseum Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Hsiang-Chun Li Subverting The Male Gaze: The Transgression of Female images in Pedro Almodóvar’s Films Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Pei-Hsuan Wei The Stereotypes in Comics – A Case Study of Astérix le Gaulois Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Shun-Ling Kao Helsinki as a stainable City: Principle & Practice Prof. Yi-De Liu
Chi-Kei Leong The “DDR-Museum” under the perspective of memory culture and museum practice – an analysis Prof. Stephan Stein

2019(year of enrollment)

Yu-Chen Hsieh The Governance of Edinburgh Festival Fringe Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yu-Ting Liu The Global Communication of National Theater Live: On the Cultural Consumption and Practices of Taiwanese Audience Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Ying-Ju Chou Analysis of Michelin Guide Glocalization and Michelin Guide Localization Strategies in Taiwan Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Ji-Min Sung Lewis Carroll’s Écriture Fèminine: Female Consciousness in Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass Prof. Sun-chieh Liang
Lian-En Lu The Socially Engaged Art-led Urban Regeneration Practice: The Case of Farm Cultural Park in Sicily Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Shao-Wei Lu The Cross-Cultural Study of Animal Proverbs: “Cattle” in Spanish and Chinese Prof. Mario Santander Oliván
Bo-Rong Zhang Indie Game Online Expo as an Experimental Performance and Experience Innovation: A Case Study of Indie Arena Booth Online 2021 Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Shu-Han Chang Berlin Museum Island Art Tourism Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Yi-Ying Lai Constantinople for the Modern Tourist: Its Image in Several Popular European Guidebooks at the Turn of the 20th Century Prof. Dinu Luca
Chieh-Ling Wang Neologisms in German: A Case Study on “Unwort des Jahres 2020” Prof. Hsueh-i Chen

2020(year of enrollment)

Kuan-Wen Cheng The Cultural Politics of Lyon Dance Biennale: On the 2020 African Theme and Germaine Acogny Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Hsuan Chen The Making of Berlin Techno Scene and Its Transformation Prof. Chia-Ling Lai
Ming-Shan Lin A Multiple Case Study of UNESCO Creative Cities Network in Germany Prof. Yi-De Liu
Wei-Ru Pan Conceptualization and Realization of the Transitional Justice in Germany - Stasi Museum as Case Study Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Ya-Ju Tsai Heritagization, Heritage-led Regeneration and Management of World Heritage Sites: The Case of Liverpool Prof. Yi-De Liu
Yi-Ting Chang Normalization of the Abnormal: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Cela’s La Familia de Pascual Duarte Prof. Sun-chieh Liang
Ting-Huei Chou Orientalism in Turandot: The Forbidden City and the Royal Opera House Versions Prof. Dinu Luca
Ruo-Chi Lee Postmodernism in the Late 20th Century Works of Milan Kundera and Chu Tien-Wen: in the Case of Immortality and Fin de Siecle Splendor Prof. Dinu Luca

2021(year of enrollment)

Tun-Hsiang Hsu Cross-Cultural Analysis of German Reggae Festivals: The Case Study of Summerjam Festival, Cologne Prof. Hsueh-i Chen
Min-Jen Cho Musical Tourism in London West End: Destination Making and the Practice of Tourists Prof. Chia-Ling Lai