Course schedule for 2023 spring semester


【European Speculative Literature】Prof. Sun-Jie Liang will lead the students to explore speculative literature through the Fantasy and Sci-fi categories. From the literatures of Western Europe to Jugoslavija, from Eastern Eupore to Russia, Prof. Liang invites students to think and discuss: what are the roles of the speculative worlds the writers imagine in this information exploding era? Are speculations only fictionalizing non-existent worlds or are ideal projections of the real world?

【Special Topics on European Cultures】 This course will guide students to discuss European culture, education, and diplomacy. Besides course lectures, we will invite speakers every week from Alliance Française de Taïwan, British Council, Department of European Affairs, Université Angers, and Université Bourgogne Franche – Comté to come and share their experiences.

【Food culture in Europe】 This course discusses from different perspectives of how food became what we are familiar with nowadays. Food is connected with our five senses, but as we seek for comfort from food, is there a potential pleasure crisis arising? How does food affect national identity? In the era of super foods, are food still food? Besides these questions, feel free to discuss the relation between food, art, social media and pop culture, and what functions does food in paintings, eating in the movies serve?

Program of European Cultures and Languages 

【Reading European Art Masterpieces (Program)】 While admiring famous European artwork, have you ever wondered about its interesting background stories? If so, don’t miss the Spring-exclusive lesson brought to you by Prof. Suz-Hen Gu.

【The History of European Cinema (Program) 】 This course will guide students to understand how cinema was built from amateur filming and experimenting, discuss different styles of filming (such as neorealism and film noir), and explore classic films and directors of different eras in Europe (like film development during the French New Wave and Soviet regime). Movie is not only an invention combining visual and audio technology, but also includes topics like culture, politics, and art. Anyone who is interested are welcomed to join this this journey of deep learning and nourishing body and mind!

【 Literature, Music, Art and Film in the 20th Century (Program) 】 Prof. Hortensa Hsu , who is also an associate professor at Fu Jen Catholic University, is not only experienced in teaching Spanish, but also specializes in comparative literature, children’s literature, and transdisciplinary art research. No matter whether you have taken the Spanish class taught by Prof. Hsu, you are welcome to join this brand new course. Listen to the teacher’s in-depth analysis of modern European culture and art in the courses offered.

【 French (II), Spanish (II) (Program) 】 Basic European language course, only available to program students during stage I of course selection, and opened to the rest during stage II.

【 French (IV), German(IV) (Program) 】Advanced language courses have no pre-requisites, students with German or French level A1 as also welcomed to take the course.

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