【NTNU 100th anniversary series】Exploring Slovenian Cultural Stories Through the Eyes of a Photographer: on Planning Online Photography Exhibitions

Expat photographer Mr. Simon Chang is here!

Besides the more known Western Europe and Southern Europe, Mr. Chang will unveil to us the less well known Central Europe and explore the interesting cultural stories of Slovenia through the eyes of a professional photographer.

Besides, Mr. Chang will also share with us the faces of preparing an online photography exhibition during the pandemic. It will certainly be exciting!

Due to internet connection and time-zone difference, this lecture will be pre-recorded. The speaker will come in live in the Q&A section. Those who are interested will still need to come in-person to participate!

Lecture information:

Time: April 29 (Fri.), 13:30~17:30

Location: Room 413, Bo-Ai Building, Library Campus

Maximum audience of 40 people.

No registration required, anyone who is interested in photography, Central Europe, and exhibition planning are welcomed!

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