【NTNU 100th anniversary series】Cosmopolitan Mobilities and the Creative City: Postcards from Athens & Thessaloniki

Dr. Rodanthi Tzanelli of Bauman Institute, Leeds university is comming to GIECT for a speech! The topic of the speech surrounds cosmopolitan mobilities and creative cities; interestingly, Dr. Tzanelli is going to use two postcards from Athens and Thessaloniki and expand on it and lay out the topic. This unique presentation method certainly arouses curiosity on what stories are to be presented, and how will these stories expand our visions on cosmopolitan mobilities and societal problems?

Due to internet connection issues and time zone difference, the lecture will be pre-recorded. Those who are interested will still need to come in-person to participate!

Lecture information:

Time: April 22 (Fri.), 15:00~17:00

Location: Room 413, Bo-Ai Building, Library Campus

No registration required, everyone is welcomed to join!

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