Two faculty positions (European cultures/Cultural tourism) available before Feb. 28th.~New~

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 Two faculty positions (European cultures/Cultural tourism) available at The Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism


Two faculty positions, one for a full-time assistant professor or above, and one for a contract assistant professor, are available at the Graduate Institute of European Cultures and Tourism (GIECT) in the National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU). Applicants should specialize in cultural tourism or in an Arts/Humanities discipline, with a focus on Europe.


I. Position description

The appointees will be responsible for teaching courses (in Chinese or English) in GIECT’s curriculum at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels (no less than 6 hours/week). They will also be required to direct theses, serve on various university and department committees, and engage in other administrative work. The position will start on August 1, 2019, pending approval by NTNU’s president. Faculty rank and salary are commensurate with the candidates’ qualifications. Initial salaries range approximately from 955,000 NTD per annum (ca. 31,800 USD; subject to exchange rates) for assistant professors to 1,350,000 NTD per annum (ca. 45,000 USD; subject to exchange rates) for full professors. Other benefits include family health insurance, research grants and awards (on a competitive basis).


II. Basic qualifications

1. The Candidates must fulfill one of the following requirements:

(1) Publication of at least one book or monograph after February 2016. (Reviewer comments and proof of approval of
                 publication should be provided); 

(2) Publication of at least two articles within the past three years in journals listed in the Social Sciences Citation Index,
                 Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index, or Taiwan Humanities Citation Index,
                 where the applicant is the first author or the corresponding author;

(3) Holding two projects from Taiwan’s Ministry of Science and Technology after February 2016.

2. The candidates should be capable of teaching language courses in a major European language other than English.

3. The candidates applying for the full-time position should have minimum two-year teaching, research, or work experience in
     related fields if their PhD degree was awarded by NTNU.


Ⅲ. Application procedure

The candidates should submit hard or digital copies of the following documents:

(1) a cover letter;

(2) a curriculum vita;

(3) a copy of the PhD diploma;

(4) proof of experience (copies of teaching credentials, certificates, licenses, etc.);

(5) a list of publications;

(6) copies of representative publications;

(7) three course syllabi, one of which should be for a course in the GIECT curriculum; for the curriculum, please refer to


(8) three recommendation letters mailed directly to GIECT director.


All application materials must be sent by email to ylhsieh@ntnu.edu.tw or by post to:

Director Hsueh-i Chen

4F, BoAi Building, No.129, Heping East Road Section 1

Taipei, Taiwan

Application materials must be received no later than February 28, 2019.


Ⅳ. Contact information

Linda Hsieh, Secretary of GIECT    




For more information, please refer to GIECT website: http://www.giect.ntnu.edu.tw/en/

and NTNU Personnel Office: http://hr.ntnu.edu.tw/

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