1. Q: Are there any previous examination tests available? 
A: Yes, please refer to the 
NTNU library website. 

2. Q: Are there any reference books for examinations?
A: Yes, please go to 
References for Examination.  

3. Q: Is Knowing a European language a must? 
A: Yes, students have to get an intermediate certificate in one European language (other than English) before 

4. Q: Will I be able to take courses without knowing any European languages (other than English)?
A: Yes, courses will be conducted in either Chinese or English.

5. Q: How much do students have to pay for the summer internship trip? 
A: Fees vary each year, depending on the location and exchange rates. Students can expect to pay between 
    150,000 and 200,000 NT dollars. A part of this is likely to be covered from sponsorships. 

6. Q: Does the institute enroll international students? 
A: Yes, about 1 to 2 students each year. 




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